Indigenous trees are a better option than exotics because:

1. They require less water as they are better adapted to our local dry conditions.

2. They are hardier and less disease prone.

3. Will be better utilized by our local fauna. i.e. birds and mammals.

4. A number of exotics easily spread and therefore become invasive.
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At one location, our trees are grown in a cold climate, to mirror that of the greater Gauteng area, with winter temperatures of up to -5 degrees!

At our smaller location a number of species are grown in a frost free environment. At both locations our large trees are grown in full sun so as to create a robust, hardy individual tree - well able to survive with minimum care when sold.

Over the last twenty years we have refined our selection of trees down to the most suitable species, including some very sought after ones!These include most of the Acacia species, a number of Combretums, most Sersia's and a host of others.
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Indigenous Trees
Buffelsdrift Indigenous Nursery has been growing large indigenous trees for the last twenty years, specifically aimed at the landscape market. However we increasingly supply large trees to the mining and game farming sector, and indeed direct to private clients.

Most of our selection of large and extra-large indigenous trees are grown with the local cold climates in mind, although we do grow a number of frost sensitive species.

We grow our large trees at two locations in Buffelsdrift, situated north-east of Pretoria.